Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Angered Caymanian (anti-expat in Cayman)

Three weeks ago I got an abusive email in response to a blog of mine back in December headed “More Immigrants, Please”; the email’s subject-line was “More Natives”. The body of the email, following an obscene greeting, was as follows. All the emphases are as per the original; I haven’t changed a thing.

Caymanians are already OUTNUMBERED... how about some more NATIVE Caymanians? Huh?
It is MORE than clear to see that you are ALL ABOUT keeping and importing "More Immigrants...". You have ALWAYS been about the EXPATS/IMMIGRANTS and to HELL with the Natives and what opportunities are LEFT for them of our SMALL Island Nation. WHERE oh WHERE is your ADVOCACY for the Native Caymanian you Status-Granted Foreign Fucker??? Where is the JUST 'human rights' you so self-proclaim??
Do you NOT understand the ATROCITIES and VICIOUS CYCLE of what happens in almost EVERY country that has been OVER-RUN by your fucking Gods, the "IMMIGRANTS"??? Reminder - There is always UNREST and WAR that is the end result when the natives of those respective countries are disenfranchised, suppressed and pushed aside as the 'White Man' has done GLOBALLY for CENTURIES upon CENTURIES. When are fucking CALLOUSES like YOU going to STOP the CYCLE???
May I suggest you STOP trying to AIDE in our Country's DEMISE by keeping your BIASED advocacy to YOURSELF. I think our Governments are doing QUITE WELL with the demise process and DO NOT need your assistance.
Thank you very much,
One Angered Caymanian

Angered, indeed.

The writer has confused my being pro-immigrant (true) with being anti-native (false). It would have been more logical to blame the native-Caymanian politicians and their cronies for allowing so many immigrants into the Territory, and for promising the voters a return to high rates of growth for the local economy. As that December blog noted, if Cayman is to extend the benefits of its current prosperity to all Caymanians, it will need more immigrants. I would like the present Caymanian “have-nots” to share the wealth.

The fact that they are not doing so already is the fault of the native-Caymanian politicians- not of any “Status-Granted Foreign Fucker”, at all. For the have-nots to participate more fairly in Cayman’s prosperity, radical changes are needed in each of the education system, the immigration system, and the political system. Those systems are what are holding Cayman back. If the writer of this email agrees with me on that point, then he should have the guts to go public with a call for change. As long as he doesn’t favour the bullying of low-paid immigrants, I will back him. But if he is one of the bullies- and the tone of his email hints that he is- then we will never be on the same side.

I wonder if he has written to Dr Shetty and Mr Hon and Mr Dart, and told them what he thinks of their plans for Cayman’s future. In case he hasn’t, perhaps some reader of this blog would bring the email to those gentlemen’s attention. If Angered Caymanian is predicting “UNREST and WAR”, all existing and prospective investors had better be prepared. Unrest and war are not good news for businessmen.

The email’s address (which I won’t disclose, just now) suggests it was sent by or with the approval of some kind of Caymanian protest-blogsite. Interesting, if true. A friend of mine used to pretend to belong to “The Expat Militia”, an organisation that existed only in his mind. I sincerely hope we don’t have to form one for real, to counter an army of Angered Caymanians, bent on unrest and war! (I’m joking- I think...)