Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What’s next for America? (heading for '1984')

We are living in uncertain times. International investment advisors are divided on so many issues; which of them should we believe? Some seem to base their opinions on formulas, but formulas don’t work in our new world. All the markets and indexes are manipulated by the banksters, these days.

A Canadian friend of mine owns a mobile home in Florida, which he and his wife live in every winter. Many nearby units are for sale at a dollar each, because the owners can’t afford to pay the site’s maintenance fees. He’s tempted to buy some, but how many years’ fees would he have to pay before he finds a paying tenant? And how would he fare if the US Government imposed currency controls, as a growing number of US commentators are expecting?

Congress is at the moment considering a bill to deny US passports to citizens who might – might! – conceivably owe money to the IRS. Citizens who renounce their citizenship would be forced by proposed legislation to pay tax on their income for ten years after their renunciation. The authorities may not be finished with Cayman’s Green-Card holders yet, either. It’s not certain.

Will Europe follow suit? Will our new UK passports be good to go – or will Britain start taxing its citizens on their worldwide income? Britain was “Airstrip One” in Orwell’s novel “1984”, a province of an evil empire perpetually at war. If he had been an economist instead of a journalist, Orwell might have written about how private capital sustains perpetual wars, and gains from them. Today we can see that happening in real time, as multinational corporations re-build what their NATO armies destroy. (Their profits are accumulated tax-free in Cayman, so the news is not all bad – for us.)

Young men are recruited from city gangs, put into American Army uniforms and instructed to kill whole families in foreign countries with rockets fired from drones. “Murder by joystick”, it’s called, to the amusement of the shooters.

America is abandoning the rule of law at home, too, fairly rapidly. Thousands of Federal Government employees already have the power to order the detention of any person inside the Fatherland, and confiscate their or their families’ assets. Policemen can already confiscate any cash found on any non-policeman. Armed drones are already being deployed above some US towns and suburbs, controlled by former gang-members. Uncertain times, indeed!

Those of us with friends and relatives living in the US: should we warn them to get out while they can, lest they find themselves trapped like Germans were in Nazi Germany? The Germans believed they were safe – Germany was a highly civilised nation – and didn’t notice when the heat was turned up one degree at a time. A German priest famously summed up how it happened.

First they came for the Socialists, but I wasn’t a Socialist, so I didn’t speak up. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, but I wasn’t a Trade Unionist, so I didn’t speak up. 
Then they came for the physically and mentally disabled, but I was healthy, so I didn’t speak up. 
Then they came for the Jews, but I wasn’t a Jew, so I didn’t speak up. 
And by the time they came for me, there was nobody left to speak up.

Already, we Westerners are looking on benignly as horrible things are done to entire races and cultures that we’re told are our enemies. How long before we produce our own man of poetry?  

Today they’re killing and mutilating Moslems; but I am a Christian, so why should I care? 
Next they will take out the “Occupy” rabble; but I despise them, so why should I care? 
Then they will eliminate the druggies and ghetto-dwellers; but they’re a burden on society, so why should I care? 
Next they will deal with the Jews; but they’ve been there before and survived. Why should I care? 
By the time they come for me... but, hey, it’s not gonna happen. Come on! We’re a highly civilised nation.