Thursday, March 5, 2015

Global Warming, Global Cooling

Ross and I agree on most things in life, but the fuss over the changing climate isn’t one of them. We’re not scientists or climatologists, so our opinions are based on what’s reported as being the opinions of those who are. The real question for us is: which of the two competing sets of scientists and climatologists do we believe is telling the truth.

Every thinking person in the world believes in “climate change”, of course. Who could not? Winters and summers are colder than they used to be, in places – and hotter than usual in other places. Droughts are dryer: floods are wetter. Hurricanes are fiercer but fewer, except when they’re not. Sea-ice at the Poles is shrinking, or it is expanding, depending which set of observers is telling the story.

Unless we lower our consumption of oil, the planet is doomed - also our consumption of spray deodorants and Windex. Yet politicians and their sponsors all fly off to faraway conferences in their private planes once or twice a year, staying in centrally heated luxury hotels, so perhaps it’s doomed anyway. Fuel saved by conscientious households is all diverted to Imperial armies and their suppliers; won’t that doom the planet anyway? Better (for the world) to deny the armies than the householders, wouldn’t you say? I would.

My son and I both distrust liars. We don’t tell lies ourselves, and become distressed when we encounter blatant liars. We’re never quite sure how to handle them. He has been a wonderfully forgiving person all his life, and tends to give second chances - sometimes even third chances. I’m not, and I don’t. For me, once is enough. Life’s too short to tolerate habitual liars.

I remember the manufactured panic over Saddam’s WMDs. We were 45 minutes away from a mushroom cloud over London, the liars told the Western press, and the press told us suckers. The politicians and bureaucrats thirsted after war and bloodshed, and had a vested interest in those things. The sheep didn’t doubt the mass media, and let the bloodshed proceed on the nod. A million civilians died; millions more were traumatized, physically or mentally or both, and most of them will never recover. The perpetrators shrugged, and have never felt remorse.

How can such a monstrous lie and its enablers be forgiven by anyone with any moral values? Hitler’s willing executioners (that was the title of a book about them) have as much claim to respect as those monsters.

The same monsters and the same obedient reporters are today pushing another Big Lie in respect of the world’s changing climate. Instead of WMD, today’s selected enemy is AGW. The pushers don’t care whether AGW is true or not; they only care that the sheep can be manipulated to the point of believing it.

 In October of 2013 I wrote a blog-post called SUM TING WONG. Google will lead you to it if you search for that title with my name in front. That was the name of the captain of a Korean passenger jet that clipped the perimeter-fence at San Francisco’s airport, announced to the nation in all solemnity by a TV network reporter on the day, reading from what was typed and shown on the screen. The other officers in the cockpit were solemnly reported as WI TU LO, HO LEE FUK, and BANG DING OW. I kid you not.

The same degree of diligence goes into all that they do. By and large, only the “alternative media” questions the official versions of events - from Saddam’s nuclear weapons and the names of Korean airline pilots, to the casual defeat of the world’s most sophisticated national defence-system in 2001, by nineteen barefoot Arab boys with a dozen fifty-cent box-cutters.

It is independent researchers who genuinely seek alternatives to suspicious narratives – the Malaysian Airlines planes, the Charlie Hebdo shootings, the Ukrainian civil war, the threat of Global Warming. Mind you, the independents’ conclusions aren’t always right. Sometimes – when it suits Big Brother – the official versions are right.

One day, Sum Ting Wong really will be the name of an airline pilot. One day, either Global Warming will be proven to be the fault of mankind, and all the billionaires’ private planes will be grounded for the common good; or, Global Cooling will be proven, and reckless fuel usage will be encouraged. Hasten the day.